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Flag Center is proud to be a provider of the highest quality religious flags and banners for decades. Let our experienced design staff help create the perfect flag or banner to share your message whether inside or out. All flags are skillfully crafted and can be produced in quantities as few as one. Let the Light shine!

Hope and Peace
Joy and Love
Cross On Heart
WI Lutheran 1
WI Lutheran 2
Wabash Presbyterian
The Lord
Much is Required
Pompeii Women's Club
The Joy of the Lord
New Life Kingdom
Good Shepherd


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Church Flags & Banners

Flags & Banners! Which would be best for your church?

We get these questions all the time, should we do fabric banners? Or flags? Or vinyl banners? There are some guidelines to help us determine which material and application would work best for our customers. Our first question usually is where are you going to be displaying the flag or banner? If you are displaying a flag or banner outdoors we would recommend nylon or vinyl material. If you want to display your flag or banner indoors you can choose from nylon, poplin, and vinyl.

Once we determine if you are displaying your flag or banner indoors or outdoors we will ask how you will be displaying them.  Typically flags made from nylon material are flown a flagpole of some form. If you want to display your design on something that is attached to a wall outdoors then vinyl would work best. If you would like to display your design indoors we would recommend poplin fabric, nylon, or vinyl. Getting all the facts on where and how you are going to be using your flag or banner will help us determine the best material and finishing.

What is the difference between a flag and banner?  A banner is typically hung on a wall, rafters, and even fences. Banners can be made from fabric typically for indoor use; vinyl material can be used for indoor and outdoor use. A flag is going to be attached to a flagpole on one side and the fly end will waive free in the wind. Flags are always made from nylon or heavy duty polyester, much like a US or state flag. We have had customers frame flags and display them on the wall. Our team will help determine the best material to help create the best flag or banner for your application needs.


What production method is best for my church?

The production method is dependent on the material we are working with. Once we have determined where and how you are going to be displaying your custom banner or flag; we can then determine the production method!

If we are creating a vinyl banner for you we will use our ink jet production method. This process is much like a printer printing on paper. The inks are specially designed to penetrate the vinyl substrate for durability. Our inks are also UV treated to protect against fading. On vinyl we do offer single sided and double sided options. We also use the Inkjet production method to print on our nylon flags and banners. On our custom nylon flags the inks penetrate the material at about 90-95%. This leaves the image correctly reading on the front and a mirrored or reversed image on the back.

When we create a banner made from poplin material we use our dye sublimation production method. Due to this materials texture, the dye sublimation process inks penetrate the surface of the fabric leaving the back blank. This is perfect for banner hanging against a wall or a table drape banner that will be lying across a table.  This production method is best for designs that will only be view from the front and for indoor use. This production method outputs picture quality results! Poplin material is very opaque and almost matte looking.


How can custom banners and flags help our organization or church?

There are many uses for banners or flags to help your church or organization:

Advertising and Displaying Information - Using banners to promote your next fundraiser or event is a great way to spread the word! You can display specific information pertaining to your event like time, date, location, and special details.

Event Enhancement – Having a beautiful banner with your church’s or organization’s logo on the podium will add a little sophistication to your event. Incorporating processional banners or gonfalons to any ceremony can add to your member’s experience. Table drapes are a cost effective way to make a great functional decoration piece for a check in table or presentation display.

Decoration – There are many ways to add those special touches to your church or meeting space. We have done several decorative banners for churches and meeting halls. Sometimes customers come to us looking to fill a vacant wall or area and a custom applique or digitally printed banner is an ideal solution. With this application you can do either digitally printed or applique production methods. If your design is more intricate with gradients and multiple colors, digital print would work best. If you wanted a hand sewn look and your design is fairly simple the applique production method is for you.