Flagpole Relocation

Flag Center is here to help you.

Whether you are a business changing locations or a homeowner looking to move your flagpole to a different spot in your yard, Flag Center is always here to help. Below is an example of a flagpole being relocated for a homeowner.


First the installers will flood the flagpole sleeve in order to loosen the flagpole so it can be removed.


Once the flagpole is pulled from the ground it is carried over to the new flagpole sleeve.


While the flagpole is still on the ground any needed maintenance is taken care of. In the case of this flagpole, new halyard, snaps, and snap covers were needed and replaced.


The flagpole is positioned into the new flagpole sleeve.


Wood wedges are used by the installers to ensure the flagpole remains in alignment.


Dry sand is added to the flagpole sleeve to secure the flagpole in place. The wood wedges are pounded into place.


With the flagpole relocated into its new location standing straight and tall, this job is complete.


If you are in need of a flagpole relocation, give Flag Center a call and we can help you move your flagpole to its new home.