Flagpole Repairs

Flag Center is your complete flagpole service provider.

We maintain and service every flagpole we sell and even the ones we don't. With our huge inventory of flagpole parts and trained service technicians, we are always ready to keep your flags flying.

Call 414-778-1776 for all service work.

Flagpole Service

Flagpole Re-Roping

 Our Flagpole Re-Roping includes:

  • Flagpole-grade polypropylene halyard (rope), or optional heavy duty halyard with wire center
  • Two new metal snaps
  • Vinyl snap covers
  • Labor

Wire Center


Snap Cover
Pole Height From the Ground w/ Poly Halyard From the Ground w/ Wire Center Halyard Aerial w/ Poly Halyard Aerial w/ Wire Center Halyard
20' $135 $145 $199 $219
25' $135 $145 $199 $219
30' $145 $155 $219 $239
35' $145 $155 $219 $239
40' $155 $165 $239 $259
45' $155 $165 $239 $259
50' $199 $209 * *
60' $219 $229 * *
70' $259 $269 * *
80' $299 $309 * *

*Poles inaccessible by aerial lift can often be climbed and require quotation.

Above pricing for Kenosha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Washington, and Waukesha Counties.

For all other Wisconsin Counties please call for pricing. 414-778-1776.


Maintenance Tip

Flagpole Halyard ropes should be replaced before they break!

Once a halyard (rope) breaks and comes down off the pole, an aerial lift or pole climber is needed. Save money by having us change your halyard before it breaks. We recommend once per year. Or if you prefer, ask to be put on our Maintenance List and we will be sure to remind you when service is needed. Flag Center is your complete source for halyard and flagpole parts.


Other Maintenance

For all other flagpole maintenance give us a call and our professional staff will get you up and going in no time. Replacing ball ornaments, eagles, internal halyard repair, winch diagnostics, or pulley or truck (pulley assembly) replacements - Flag Center can help you out. We also remove, realign, and relocate existing flagpoles. Call for a free quote.