Flagpole Realignment

Straightening your flagpole.

It's unfortunate, but it can happen, flagpoles fall out of alignment. Flag Center understands this problem and is able to fix it for you. Whether it's a large commercial flagpole or a standard residential flagpole, Flag Center can help. Below is an example of such an event.


This flagpole has fallen out of alignment. In this case our installer temporarily removed some sod to gain access to the flagpole sleeve.


Now the sleeve is flooded to remove any remaining sand in the sleeve.


Wood wedges are then placed between the flagpole and the sleeve so the installer can begin to realign the flagpole.


The installer will adjust the wood wedges until the flagpole is realigned and is standing straight.


Once the flagpole is straight, sand is added to secure the placement of the flagpole.


As the last step in holding the flagpole in place, the wood wedges are pounded in.


The sod around the flagpole is returned and the flags are raised.


If you are in need of flagpole realignment, give Flag Center a call and we will help you get your flagpole standing straight again.